GenMigo makes interacting with the latest Artificial Intelligence technology easier, more entertaining, and productive with several key features, such as:

- Full Bilingual support (English & Spanish) when chatting with one of our AI assistants

- Friendly assistants designed to help with specific areas of expertise

- Customizable personalities for each assistant

- Support for in-line Speech Recognition

- Support for Spoken text using AI technology

- AI image generation with our “Artist” AI assistant (powered by DALL-E 3 HD)

- Premium subscribers get access to features powered by ChatGPT 4 Turbo and TTS 1.0

One of the most powerful features of GenMigo is the ability to select different AI assistants. Each assistant has its own specialty. Asking questions tailored to their specialty will produce an optimal response to your question. Each assistant will also provide some ideas for different chat questions. This truly helps get the creative juices flowing!

All of your chat messages and awesome responses from our team of AI assistants (now up to 13 different assistants - with more coming soon) can be stored securely in the cloud (with encryption) for easy retrieval in the future. An excellent feature when you want to look up a recipe you created weeks ago with the Chef assistant or a snippet of code from the Coder assistant.

Another fun feature is… each of our GenMigo assistants can speak to you using built-in Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. This helps each of our characters come to life as they work diligently to answer your every curiosity. Premium subscribers get access to OpenAI’s latest TTS technology.

You can have FREE access to this app through Advertisement Rewards. This means that simply watching a short Ad will unlock FREE chat requests. You can also earn through Share Rewards by sharing the app with friends and family to unlock yet even more FREE chat requests. Once you're out of free chat requests, all you have to do is view another Ad or share the app again.

For those that want an unlimited chat experience with premium TTS voices - we offer a few different subscription options.

Download GenMigo today and experience Multi-lingual Generative AI on the go!

Powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E technologies.

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